Authentic Futons - for Double Sofa Beds (2 Seater)


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Price: £219.00

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Still using the high percentage of cotton, especially on the top and bottom layers, we now add thermo-bonded polyester fibre to our recycled fibre fillings to give them remarkable resilience, springiness, and a long life. The Authentic Trifold futon retains all the flexibility and pure fibre feel of the original Japanese cotton futon but with the hige advantage of added comfort and longevity. The casing is constructed from 100% pure cotton.

Please note that price only includes the futon mattress and not the frame as illustrated in photo.

All our futon mattresses are hand-made to order at our UK workshop. Click for more info on how they are made.


Measurements : Trifold 138 x 190cm to fit all of our 2 Seater Sofa Beds

Prices shown are for our standard fabric.

Delivery £14.95