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Comfort Futon - for Double Sofa Beds (2 Seater)


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 An enhanced version of the more traditional Authentic Trifold futon. We've added a layer of foam to provide further resilience for situations where, for example the sofa is converted to a bed on a daily basis.

The added foam in the Comfort Trifold futon also gives a little more depth to the futon when used as a seat, another benefit if usage is frequent and sustained.

Please note that price only includes the futon mattress and not the frame as illustrated in photo.


Trifold 138 x 190cm to fit all of our 2 Seater Sofa Beds.


Prices shown are for our standard fabric. Delivery £14.95 - despatched within 14 working days.

Hand made every day in our UK Workshop. To find your local stockist look on our store page.